Powder coating of metal

Protection for you steel sheets

Powder coating is the go-to method for blending aesthetic appeal with the necessary protection in metal processing. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to apply this treatment with the same meticulous attention to detail, whether it’s mass production or customized individual pieces.

Why to powder coat steel?

Powder coating is standard in our industry for good reason. The process is straightforward: a plastic powder is electrostatically sprayed onto the bare metal parts. Thanks to the electrostatic charge, the coating clings perfectly to the object. It offers an aesthetic enhancement and transforms functional steel frames into visual treats, especially under our Creative Design services. This process opens up a wealth of design possibilities with embellishments and decorations that turn your steel frame into a unique focal point.


Regarding surface effects, the sky's the limit: gloss, matte, metallic finishes, or specific textures are all part of our repertoire. We also cater to every colour desire, matching shades according to RAL, NCS, or Sikkens standards, and can even create exclusive colours explicitly tailored for you.

Moreover, powder coating provides a technical advantage. The layer of paint protects components from external atmospheric elements that can cause corrosion and, consequently, material brittleness. Thanks to its excellent adhesion, it ensures resistance against mechanical, chemical, and thermal challenges.

What happens during the powder coating process?

The metal sheet to be treated is brought to the powder coater in its raw, uncoated form. First, we clean the part thoroughly before applying an iron phosphate coating. After this, the sheet is left to dry and undergoes electrostatic coating. We exclusively use powder paints free from solvents and toxic heavy metals. The coating is cured in an oven to ensure the component achieves its expected durability.
Our standard maximum size for parts is generally 3200 mm in length, 2200 mm in height, and 600 mm in width, with a maximum weight of 200 kg per piece. We are happy to evaluate and accommodate your request upon inquiry if you require different dimensions.


Powder coating system 



  • Pretreatment: Nanotechnological
  • Maximum processing dimensions: 3200 x 600 x 2200 mm 


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