Noise protection frames

Customised steel frames for soundproof doors

At Nordform, we understand the crucial role of efficient sound insulation for peace and well-being, especially in environments where noise is commonplace. Our soundproof frames play a central role in this regard. They are specifically designed to enhance the acoustic protection of a soundproof door and ensure that insulation is effective both inward and outward.

Our soundproof frames are manufactured with a double rebate, incorporating two hollow chamber seals. This ensures optimal sound absorption and helps keep noise where it belongs—outside or within a specific room such as a machinery space. Additionally, we offer the option to equip these frames with additional sound-absorbing materials to enhance acoustic insulation further.

Whether you require a single or double-leaf solution, Nordform's soundproof frames provide reliable protection against noise. They are essential in any space where acoustic quality and tranquillity are important.



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