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At Nordform, healthy growth is driven by ongoing automation efforts that we have been actively pursuing. Our recent investment highlights this commitment: a cutting-edge, multi-million euro system from the world-renowned manufacturer TRUMPF, unique in its setup worldwide. This state-of-the-art machinery is located in a brand-new 1,300 sqm production facility. But innovation at Nordform isn’t just about faster production—it also includes technological enhancements that support our employees. 
For a full understanding of what we offer, here is an overview of our machinery:

Cutting Machines

Trumpf Trulaser center 7030


  • SortMaster Speed removes laser-cut parts from the residual grid and sorts them onto pallets
  • SmartGate transfers small parts into up to 8 containers in seconds 
  • Automatic removal of residual grid
  • Brush table to prevent surface damage

Sheet format max. : 3000 x 1500mm
Material: 1-12.7 mm steel and stainless steel – 1-6 mm aluminum, copper, brass


Punching Center

Finn-Power Shear Genius SG6 


  • Forming processes (ventilation slots, sinkings)
  • Thread cutting
  • Embossing
  • Integrated sheet shear 

Sheet format max.: 4000 x 1500 mm 
Material: 0,6 - 4,0 mm steel sheet and aluminum – 0.6 - 2.0 mm stainless steel  


Bending cell

Trumpf TruBendCell 5000 - 1300 kN 


  • Automatically retrieves laser-cut parts from TruStore 
  • ToolMaster: Automatic tool change   
  • Gripper change console enables independent gripper change and the automatic execution of various orders without manual intervention.       
  • 6-axis backgauge sensors for precise positioning of bent parts 
  • ACB-Laser: Automatic angle measurement system with a tolerance of ±0.3°   
  • Bendmaster: Robotic arm for bending parts weighing up to 100 kg
  • 6x2 meter storage space for storing bent parts on pallets

Lenght max.: 3000mm


Bending cell

LVD Dyna Cell - 400 Kn


  • Universal gripper with suction cup and gripper jaws
  • Easy Form Laser: Automatic angle measurement system with a tolerance of ±0.3°

Lenght max.:  500 mm 


Press Brake

Trumpf TruBend 5170 - 1700 kN 


  • ACB-Laser: Automatic angle measurement system using laser beam with a tolerance of ±0.3mm
  • ACB Wireless: Automatic angle measurement system using touch disks with a tolerance of ±0.3° for particularly short bending legs 
  • 6-axis backgauge sensors for precise positioning of bent parts 
  • Bending aid to support the workpiece during bending          
  • Part Indicator: Projects the bent part using cameras to facilitate the operator during insertion

Lenght max.: 4000 mm 


Press Brake

EHT, Variopress 175-30, 1500 kN


  • Lenght max.: 4000 mm

Press Brake

Colgar, Mod. PS 1227/31 C-Tac - 1300 kN


  • Lenght max.: 3000 mm

Semi-Automatic Swivel Bending

TRUMPF - TruBend Center 5030


  • 2-axis part manipulator enables positive and negative bendings
  • ToolMaster Bend  automatically equips suitable hold-down tools
  • Allows short legs in combination with radius bending
  • ZBW: Extra bendin tool -Additional bending tool for bending offset tabs and bends   
  • ENW: Extra blank holder tool. With additional upper blank holders.                             

Lenght max.: 3000 mm
Material: max. 3 mm Stahl und Aluminium – max. 2,2 mm Edelstahl
Box Height: 220mm 


Automatic Spot and Stud Welding System

TSR Cartesian


  • Enables spot welding and welding of stud bolts in a single operation.
  • Up to 2 different stud bolts in one operation. 
  • Allows main-time parallel setup in 2-station operation with dimensions of 2 times 2900x1000mm.

Dimension: 2 times 2900x1000mm


Arc Welding Cell

Trumpf TruArcWeld 1000


  • Enables main-time parallel setup in 2-station operation 
  • CMT welding ensures no welding spatter and reduced distortion of the component. 


Typical maximum part size (with open telescopic center separation): 2000 x 600 x 600 mm


Powder coating system 



  • Pretreatment: Nanotechnological
  • Maximum processing dimensions: 3200 x 600 x 2200 mm 


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