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At Nordform, we are dedicated to technological advancement. Innovation is a big deal in our facilities. However, we're not just focused on deeper manufacturing capabilities and a quantitatively optimised production chain—innovation is also crucial at the HR level. We aim to provide our staff with an attractive, exciting, and secure workplace.

Work-life balance

Prospects & work-life balance

We are a modern employer. We've achieved this not just through grand statements but through actions—actions in the form of measures that ensure everyone enjoys their profession and feels connected with our company. Fair pay is a given at Nordform, and improvement is always possible, especially as there are numerous opportunities to climb the career ladder here.
We believe in a balanced work-life balance. We offer flexible working hours that allow you to manage your time efficiently and not neglect your personal life. Work is rewarded based on performance, not hours, and typically, you only need to deliver this performance by Friday noon because then it's the weekend.


Robotics & automation

We are an SME, a company with a manageable number of people. However, we produce on a large scale, partly thanks to our impressive range of machinery. Here, you will work with high-tech equipment, some of which are custom-configured for us by leading manufacturers in the industry.
Robotics and automation are integral parts of our vision, but that doesn’t mean we want to replace humans. On the contrary, We look forward to people of all ages and backgrounds who want to face this fascinating work environment and find joy in working with technically sophisticated machines.



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