Laser cutting

Laser punching & cutting of metal sheets

At Nordform, laser punching provides unparalleled precision and efficiency, ideal for fabricating parts of various shapes with minimal material wastage. Our state-of-the-art laser technology ensures optimal sheet metal processing, reducing the need for post-processing as it delivers precisely and cleanly processed edges.

The centrepiece of our setup is the Trumpf TruLaser Center 7030, a unique laser-cutting machine. It includes the SortMaster Speed, which automatically separates sheets from leftover grids and sorts them onto pallets, and the SmartGate system, which swiftly moves small parts into up to eight bins. The automatic removal of leftover grids enhances our sheet metal processing efficiency, and the brush table maintains the integrity of surface finishes.
This integration of leading-edge technology and advanced features positions Nordform's laser cutting as a robust solution for precise, efficient, and top-quality sheet metal fabrication.


Cutting Machines

Trumpf Trulaser center 7030


  • SortMaster Speed removes laser-cut parts from the residual grid and sorts them onto pallets
  • SmartGate transfers small parts into up to 8 containers in seconds 
  • Automatic removal of residual grid
  • Brush table to prevent surface damage

    Sheet format max. : 3000 x 1500mm
    Material: 1-12.7 mm steel and stainless steel – 1-6 mm aluminum, copper, brass


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