Radiation protection frames

Customised steel frames for radiation-shielding doors

At Nordform, our radiation protection frames are specifically designed for locations where harmful radiation such as X-rays, gamma rays, and electron beams is utilised—typically in hospitals, medical practices, and research laboratories.

These specialised frames are carefully lined with lead mats, which can be fully or partially integrated into the frame depending on the required lead equivalent. This process ensures effective protection against radiation without compromising the external appearance of the frame.

Nordform offers a comprehensive range of profiles tailored to specific shielding requirements. Our steel radiation protection frames ensure seamless and reliable shielding, making them ideal for applications where uninterrupted radiation protection is essential.

With our expertise in manufacturing steel frames, Nordform provides customised solutions that meet the highest safety standards while considering aesthetic aspects. Our radiation shielding frames are essential in ensuring health and safety in radiation-exposed areas.



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