Sheet metal work

Sheet metal processing of stainless steel

It's our strength at Nordform, and for good reason: With two decades of experience in sheet metal processing, we possess extensive expertise in steel and stainless steel fabrication. Complemented by the strategic use of high-technology machinery, we have implemented an efficient production process that enables us to meet the most complex customer requirements with high quality and on schedule.

What is sheet metal work?

Sheet metal work is a versatile craft encompassing various manufacturing techniques to shape metal sheets into desired forms. This process is crucial for producing metal parts and components across numerous industries, including engineering, automotive, and furniture manufacturing.
The main techniques in sheet metal processing include laser cutting, bending, welding, punching, and slitting. These can be categorised into four primary groups: cutting, forming, joining, and finishing. As sheet metal fabricators, we offer our services as contract manufacturers or system suppliers with deep expertise in production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


What do we process?

The sheets used in fabrication are rolled metals in various alloys and thicknesses, differentiated into heavy plates (thicker than 3 mm) and sheet metal (thinner than 3 mm). We process a range of metals, including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and brass, primarily focusing on steel and stainless steel. Each material possesses distinct characteristics important for sheet metal production, like strength and deformability.
Standard practice involves processing sheets in various formats, from small to much larger sizes (up to 3 meters). Generally, sheets are stable, elastic, flat, light, and thin, making them suitable for further processing methods such as laser cutting, punching, and welding. Excellent deformability is particularly crucial during the bending process.


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