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Our story

Nordorm GmbH was established in 2002 in Vandoies, South Tyrol, initially focusing on sheet metal processing and steel frame manufacturing. We have carved out a strong position in our sector and cultivated a diverse and satisfied clientele over the years. Internally, we continuously evolved from basic metalwork and frame production to become a specialised industrial entity, innovating within the steel and sheet metal processing market.


The transformation reached a significant milestone in 2020 when we integrated automation and robotics into our production line. This move allowed us to develop and expertly assemble innovative components for our customers and significantly accelerated our processes and improved the quality of our products and services. Moreover, it significantly reduced the physical demands on our employees, enhancing their workplace experience.


Our mission

Nordform is now a leader in sheet metal and steel processing, transforming from solely a production-based company into a cutting-edge, technologically advanced manufacturer and service provider. We are an innovative and quality-driven industrial metal stamping company specialising in sheet metal processing, frame production, and powder coating.
Our holistic approach at Nordform integrates production with a commitment to customer service. We provide more than end products; we guide our customers through every step of the process, leveraging our technical expertise and extensive experience.


Our vision

Nordform aspires to be recognised as an international frontrunner in our sector. We base our strategy on three essential pillars that define a modern, future-focused enterprise:



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