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sheet metal work – steel frames – powder coating – assembly

Creative works with sheet metal & steel

Nordform offers comprehensive services in sheet metal and metal processing. Our services extend from consulting on the planning and implementation of large-scale projects to the production and expert assembly of the final product. Our extensive experience, combined with our high-tech equipment, allows us to achieve remarkable manufacturing depth and reliably deliver results and solutions for even the most complex orders.

Sheet metal processing

At Nordform, processing steel, stainless steel, and other metals becomes an art. As a flexible contract manufacturer, we meet your specifications precisely, reliably, and on time—benefit from our personalised consultation and efficient manufacturing processes, all at an excellent value for money. Our services range from laser cutting and punching to assembly work. Rely on our experienced team and the latest CNC technology for planning, production, and custom solutions in "Creative Design."


Steel frames

Our steel frames are durable, secure, aesthetically pleasing, and reliable. They also provide excellent protection against fire, noise, and extreme weather conditions. With their sleek design, they are a preferred element in modern architecture.


Powder Coating 

Enhance your product with Nordform's powder coating—a fusion of aesthetics and protection. Our technique allows for various effects and colours, whether glossy, matte, metallic, or textured, including RAL, NCS, Sikkens, or shades specially developed for you. Suitable for both large-scale production and individual pieces, we also cater to custom requirements up to specific maximum sizes.



Have you gone through all the stages at Nordform and are just waiting for the finished product? At Nordform, we ensure that all components are timely bent, punched, and coated, and if desired, we also expertly assemble the final product so that you can receive it in its completed form.



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