Bending of metal sheets

Nordform is synonymous with quality and reliability in sheet metal bending. Through continuous innovation and adaptability, we aim to deliver the best possible service and exceptional results for every project.
Bending and folding processes are central to our manufacturing expertise, utilising the latest technologies and methods to ensure highly efficient and precise production of three-dimensional components. At Nordform, our commitment is always to find the perfect balance between precision and cost-effectiveness to meet the individual needs of our customers optimally.

Our state-of-the-art machinery combines tried-and-true techniques such as edge bending, panel bending, and roll bending. This diversity allows us to tackle various tasks—from manufacturing simple parts to complex shapes and structures. Our ability to precisely fold all common metals and alloys, even with challenging shapes, tight radii, or special sizes and thicknesses, is particularly noteworthy.


Bending cell

Trumpf TruBendCell 5000 - 1300 kN 


  • Automatically retrieves laser-cut parts from TruStore 
  • ToolMaster: Automatic tool change   
  • Gripper change console enables independent gripper change and the automatic execution of various orders without manual intervention.       
  • 6-axis backgauge sensors for precise positioning of bent parts 
  • ACB-Laser: Automatic angle measurement system with a tolerance of ±0.3°   
  • Bendmaster: Robotic arm for bending parts weighing up to 100 kg
  • 6x2 meter storage space for storing bent parts on pallets
  •  Lenght max.: 3000mm

Bending cell

LVD Dyna Cell - 400 Kn


  • Universal gripper with suction cup and gripper jaws
  • Easy Form Laser: Automatic angle measurement system with a tolerance of ±0.3°

Lenght max.:  500 mm 


Press Brake

Trumpf TruBend 5170 - 1700 kN 


  • ACB-Laser: Automatic angle measurement system using laser beam with a tolerance of ±0.3mm
  • ACB Wireless: Automatic angle measurement system using touch disks with a tolerance of ±0.3° for particularly short bending legs 
  • 6-axis backgauge sensors for precise positioning of bent parts 
  • Bending aid to support the workpiece during bending          
  • Part Indicator: Projects the bent part using cameras to facilitate the operator during insertion

Lenght max.: 4000 mm 


Semi-Automatic Swivel Bending

TRUMPF - TruBend Center 5030


  • 2-axis part manipulator enables positive and negative bendings
  • ToolMaster Bend  automatically equips suitable hold-down tools
  • Allows short legs in combination with radius bending
  • ZBW: Extra bendin tool -Additional bending tool for bending offset tabs and bends   
  • ENW: Extra blank holder tool. With additional upper blank holders.                             

Lenght max.: 3000 mm 

Material: max. 3 mm Stahl und Aluminium – max. 2,2 mm Edelstahl

Box Height: 220mm 



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