Metal & steel joining methods

The world of sheet metal processing boasts a wealth of joining techniques, each with unique features and applications. Whether bonding, welding, joining, or riveting metals, these methods highlight the diversity and complexity behind connecting sheet metal parts. At Nordform, we understand that each project has unique requirements and thus necessitates a tailored approach. Whether the need is for permanent structures or flexible designs, our experts are proficient in a variety of techniques—from precise spot welding and robust welding to intricate bonding, riveting, and joining processes.

Each method in our repertoire is carefully evaluated based on customer requirements to achieve optimal results for your specific project. We place a high emphasis on ensuring that the joints are not only solid and durable but also meet your aesthetic and functional needs. Our advanced techniques ensure that every connection at Nordform stands for quality, durability, and precision.


Arc Welding Cell

Trumpf TruArcWeld 1000


  • Enables main-time parallel setup in 2-station operation 
  • CMT welding ensures no welding spatter and reduced distortion of the component. 


Typical maximum part size (with open telescopic center separation): 2000 x 600 x 600 mm


Automatic Spot and Stud Welding System

TSR Cartesian


  • Enables spot welding and welding of stud bolts in a single operation.
  • Up to 2 different stud bolts in one operation. 
  • Allows main-time parallel setup in 2-station operation with dimensions of 2 times 2900x1000mm.

Dimension: 2 times 2900x1000mm



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