All-round bending

Nordform: unequalled bending services

Nordform ensures detailed and complex bending with a remarkable degree of flexibility. Its innovative technology offers highly flexible profiles, automatic tooling and the utmost precision.

Through the use of this technology, it is now possible to manufacture both simple and complex components. From delicate door frames to large-size tanks, Nordform manufactures components for a wide range of industrial sectors and applications. Components with hollow sections, different bend radii and negative curvatures are reliably produced, ensuring the utmost precision and repeatability.

An endless variety of applications!



  • Quick bending method with automatic processing of all edges
  • High rate of production
  • Complex bending sequences, if required
  • Maximum precision and top quality surfaces

Technical specifications

Max. bending length 3,123 mm
Max. width for metal sheets 3 mm
Max. width for stainless steel 2.2 mm
Max. width for aluminium 3 mm


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