Noise protection

Efficient protection against noise and acoustic disturbances

When noise and unwanted sounds are a daily occurrence, then efficient acoustic protection is essential. Noise is not simply an annoyance; it can also make people ill, both physically and mentally. Sound-insulating doors offer a strong shield against all acoustic disturbances. However, in order to ensure that the doors offer 100% protection, the frames must also be adapted accordingly. Our noise protection frames are the reinforcing element of all sound insulating doors, whether one or two-winged. Optimum acoustic protection is guaranteed – on both sides!

We manufacture this series of frames with double rabbets, i.e. we use two hollow-chamber seals in order to ensure maximum sound absorption. In combination with high-quality door leaves, these frames achieve excellent sound-insulation results. The frames can, in addition, be lined with sound-absorbing materials.

Noise protection frames from Nordform – don’t give noise a chance!

Protection of noise

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