Frames and steel frames

Frames by Nordform: Quality meets design

A frame is defined as the side element of a spatial object. Compared to wooden frames, steel frames offer considerable benefits:

  • Resistant and more durable – of higher quality and more solid than wooden frames
  • More secure – resistant to attack and impact, do not splinter and are robust
  • More aesthetic – Steel frames are easier to clean, always look neat and tidy and are more hygienic
  • More dependable – Steel is not affected by variations in temperature or by humidity
  • More practical – easy to install and adhere more closely to the wall
  • Offer more protection – against fire, noise, dirt, weather conditions and radiation of all kinds
  • Furthermore, owing to their slender construction, steel frames are enjoying increasing popularity as a design element in contemporary architecture

A team of experienced staff is available to help you with your planning and answer all your questions. State-of-the-art CNC-controlled machines and systems, together with our highly qualified employees, guarantee flexibility, quality and on-time delivery.

When it comes to planning and expert advice, architects too can put their trust in our competent team. With Nordform, creativity knows no limits. Specially tailored frame solutions – “Creative Design” products – have become one of our specialisms.

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